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The coat of arms of the great sept of the Kelly Family as written in the original Gaelic.

The coat of arms of Murphy of Muskerry (Cork / Kerry). This sept is said to be a branch of the Wexford sept, descended from Felim, a younger son of Eanna Cinsealach, progenitor of the Kinsella sept.

(Kelly & Murphy Family Coats of Arms)

The history behind this website is basically the marriage of two people and the merging of their families. Dennis Murphy married Janet Kelly on April 30, 1994. Thus combining the most common of all Irish surnames with the second most common of Irish surnames. On April 3, 2002, their union produced a son - Ryan Patrick Murphy.

This is where the history behind this website begins. It started out as an address list for the Murphy family. Then I added birthdates. That lead to a mock family tree. Which lead to conducting genealogy researh. Which lead to the purchase of Family Tree software. Which lead to more research and lack of information. Which lead to this website. What started out as a project during my pregnancy to chronicle information for our child has turned into a database of over 1100 people that our son is related to. At least he will know that he wasn't hatched!

My goal in creating this web-site is to combine family research for both the Murphy and Kelly families, providng and sharing history dating back to 1710, sharing photos, current events, and providing contact information for all of our families.

I will be adding the family tree database to this web-site by Christmas. I will be password protecting that area since it will contain contact information, dates of birth, mothers maiden names, etc. I will email and mail the password information to each family or family members can contact me and request that information.

I hope you all read and study up - Have Fun! - there'll be a quiz at Thanksgiving