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This web-site was created for the immediate and extended families of Dennis & Janet Kelly Murphy. The software that created the family tree page is Heritage Family Tree. You can find a link to purchase it off of the Links page of this web-site. The entire database can be downloaded off this web-site and imported into the software. If you're interested, please give me a call. It's easier than it sounds.

There is also a page of family Coats of Arms. You can view the origins of many of our different family names and histories by clicking on the individual family coat of arms.

The family tree is difficult to navigate in its present form. The software itself is not as difficult to navigate. The easiest way to navigate in the family tree is to select a name from the list of names or from the surnames and then navigate the ancestry by clicking on the parents or if the name is underlined - that person has decendants and you can click on the person's name. It takes some time. If you don't recognize a person's name, it could be that they're from either the Kelly side of the family or the Murphy side of the family - depending on your perspective. Or email me - and I can cheat out of the software and use the tool there to tell you the relationship between two people.

Lastly, please sign the Guestbook while you're visiting the site. Let me know any errors that you find or tell just tell me what you think of the site. I'll be continuing to add photos and data. So check back often. I'll update the calendar monthly - and if I get really on top of things - I may even add links of emails to the events.

Please email me photos and corrections! Thanks and blessings to all! ~ Janet


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