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This page includes links for those family members who would like to further genealogy research for their own branches of their families.

The database program that I used is Heritage Family Tree Deluxe. I recommend that anyone wishing to receive a copy of the family tree database purchase this software. It is $39.95 and the link is below to purchase it on Amazon.com. The less expensive version is not web-enabled and does not allow for collaboration. The more expensive version includes memberships to genealogy research sites. Until you are ready to delve into the project, it might be better to wait to join those sites. You really need to get organized first. I have also provided links to some genealogy sites below.

Lastly, there are also links for some family information that I have found on-line. Please email me with any additional information that you find so that I can share it with the rest of the family.


Heritage Family Tree Software on Amazon

Genealogy Research Site

Genealogy Research Site

Bastin Family Website


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