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Thanksgiving Harvest  November 2005 Calendar  Thanksgiving Harvest


November 1: Keith Kirby 37th Birthday

November 3: Emily Ann Murphy's 9th Birthday

November 6: Cory Michael Bastin's 26th Birthday

November 7: Alexis Delaine Fritz's BIRTH day and Gregory Ivers & Marni Davis Johnson's 7th Anniversary

November 8: Douglas Adams Johnson's 32nd Birthday

November 10: Thomas Patrick Kelly's 41st Birthday

November 13: Timothy Wayne and Jennifer Lee Walls Bastin's 18th Wedding Anniversay

November 15: Lynn Ann Christman Kelly's 41st Birthday

November 16: Dee Farrell Gollnick's 77th Birthday

November 18: Robert Joseph Wermuth III's 13th Birthday

November 19: Kelly Murphy's 31st Birthday

November 20: Madison Opal Jean Murphy's 4th Birthday: Curtis James Hannah's 24th Birthday; Llywelyn Clark's 27th Birthday

November 21: Leslie Levy Murphy's 34th Birthday & Suzanne Streeval Bastin's 59th Birthday

November 23: Elizabeth Kirchman's 55th Birthday; Corey and Jessica Bastin's 2nd Wedding Anniversary

November 25: Evan Clark's 25th Birthday; DeWitt Bingham's 51st Birthday

November 26: Edward Grover and Ruby Mae Austin Murphy's 59th Wedding Anniversay

November 27: David Owen and Kathleen Minges Murphy's 23rd Wedding Anniversary

***** Murphy Thanksgiving at Ed & Arlene Murphy's from 1:30 until 4:30 ish. *****

November 29: Colleen Marie Johnson's 33rd Birthday; Pamela Kay Bastin Buis' 44th Birthday

November 30: Emily Clare's 25th Birthday; Dwight Joseph Sontag's 50th Birthday