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I was not able to find a site to give me a lot of historical information on the Lunney surname origin. I will post what I have found and suggest that anyone with more information forward it to me.

Coats of arms were originally granted only to persons who held English titles. In later years, anyone could purchase a coat of arms from the Royal Heralds for a fee, so there is not necessarily any "noble" significance to most coats of arms. In fact, some of the 17th and 18th century members of our Clan earned their livings by drawing up noble pedigrees and coats of arms for English planters in Northern Ireland. Today, anyone of Irish ancestry can purchase a coat of arms from the Herald of Ireland in Dublin for around $4000. The red hand is the royal symbol of our Tir Eoghain ancestors, the raised spears represent the "Luin" and "Luinech" from which the Lunney name derives, the white field represents the River Foyle, the crosses represent the many Clan members who perished in tribal wars and in battles with the Vikings, and the spelling of our name is in correct Gaeilge script.